Empowering kids to stitch together confidence, creativity, and expression.


Meet Em and Sky

Follow Em and Sky, two young humanoid 5000 robots, on their journey using electronic textiles (e-textiles) to create dynamic and unique wearable expressions of themselves.




We recognize children as creators and aim to both teach technical fluency and engage them in reflective and intentional creating. E-textiles build upon traditional handcrafts by meshing the expressiveness of clothing with the technical capabilities of electronics. In addition, children gain a great deal of ownership as they combine their identity and experiences with the process of designing projects that they can then wear. 


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User Testing

We are currently conducting user tests. If you know 6-12 year old children that would be interested in participating in user tests in the Palo Alto area, please e-mail us at: electristitch@gmail.com


Our Team

Eileen and Amanda met at Stanford while taking a course out of the School of Education called Beyond Bits and Atoms. They joined forces for the final project on a 3 person team over a common interest of helping children explore their identity and self-expression through crafting. Their final project took form as the first iteration of Patchwork, which was accepted and demoed at the 2018 Interaction Design and Children Conference in Norway. After Beyond Bits and Atoms, Eileen and Amanda continued on, driven by the desire to create experiences that empower and enable others to create. 

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